Where would the world be without cyber security? The thought is quite terrifying, considering the Nigerian Prince email scam still rakes in about 700,000 dollars a year.

We want to trust people; it’s in our nature. Yet, there are those out there who want to take advantage of others for their gain.

This concept is nothing new; however, as technology has advanced, so has how the scams take place. That is why now, more than ever, cyber security is a much-needed service. And cyber security certifications are required for every engineer.

What Is Cyber Security?

In the 1970s, the government developed the internet to assist the Department of Defense. It was not available to the general public and was only used by a select few people in certain industries until the government released it in 1984.

By the 1990s, the World Wide Web was developed. People all over the world began going online. Those who were once limited to scamming people in person within their region realized they could scam people all over the world without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.

Since email was the most widely used platform it was the simplest way to scam funds and personal information from unsuspecting victims. Thus, the need for mass amounts of cyber security.

And just like that, it created a whole new industry.

Cyber security is the act of protecting the various systems, programs, and processes from outside attacks. The purpose of such attacks is to obtain or destroy the confidential information of companies or individuals.

Everything you do online has cyber security defense programmed into it.

Why Cybersecurity Certifications Matter

For most people, technology changes at a rapid pace. For those in the IT sector and for those who work in cyber security, changes can happen daily.

Just as soon as one threat is understood and resolved, another threat is created. There are thousands of hackers out in the world. Each one is trying to come up with ways to get secure information.

The cyber security sector has ample opportunity, but you must be able to keep up with changing technology and demands. For this reason, cybers ecurity certifications are critical to protecting data.

Do I Need a Degree?

The short answer is no, not necessarily. There are many colleges out there that offer cyber security degrees, and some jobs may require that you have a degree. Still, there are plenty of opportunities for those out there that have chosen a less traditional route.

How Many Types of Cyber Security Are There?

Cyber security is an industry, and therefore, there are many job paths that you can choose within that industry. Whether it’s socially based or financial, you need to figure out what interests you the most and delve into that field.

Whether it’s security engineering, incident response, or penetration testing, there is a field for everyone’s particular set of skills.

General Skills Needed

Each path has its own learning requirements, but there are some general cyber security skills that every aspiring coder should learn.

  • Network defense tactics
  • Web application security techniques
  • Logging and monitoring procedures
  • Cryptography
  • Security and networking foundations

Cyber Security Certifications

There are many cyber security certifications on the market, and each one has its benefits. Some are available to everyone, but others require more advanced knowledge and hands-on experience.

For Beginners

If you’re looking to get into the cyber security industry, then these five certifications are a good place you can start.

  • CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control)
  • CISM (Certified Information Systems Manager)
  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)
  • CISSA (Certified Information Security Systems Auditor)
  • CSP (Certified Secuirty Principles)
  • CompTIA CASP+

Advanced Cyber Security Certifications

If you’ve been in IT for a few years and are looking to improve your skill set. Or, if you want to add another notch on the resume, these certifications are great for boosting your knowledge base.

  • CISSO (Certified Information Systems Officer)
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • CPTE (Certified Penetration Testing Engineer)
  • CPTC (Certified Penetration Testing Consultant) 

You can accomplish most certification and online testing online within as little as two months. It all depends on the level of difficulty of the course.

Financial Outlook

It’s no secret that the job market is thriving. There are more cyber security positions right now then there are people to fill them. So your options are wide open.

For those just entering the job market, you can expect to make anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 annually. This level of income depends on your region, but as the averages weigh out, it’s a great place to start.

Engineers who’ve put in the time and have many certifications listed under their names have the potential to earn over 200,000 annually. These positions require a lot of work and experience and are often with major corporations.

Highest Paying Cyber Security Positions 

For those that are looking for the high paying cyber security positions here are the ones that you will want to look for:

  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer.)
  • Lead Software Security Engineer.
  • Deputy CISO
  • Bug Bounty Hunter.

Yes, that last one is a real position that is freelance or worked as an independent contractor. This position is perfect for those that don’t want the commitment of working full time for one person or company. The only issue is that with any freelance work, it’s feast or famine.

The Future Is Yours to Build

If you are on the fence about entering the cyber security industry, now is the time to take the leap. Cyber security certifications are readily available, and the jobs are waiting.

For more information on the cyber security industry, check out our blogs. Or contact us directly for details on how we can help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to start your cybersecurity journey?


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